Waiting in the wings

Waiting to perform

The circus acrobat


The entertainer and dog

The rehearsal

The performer and dog

The entertainers

The artist and her dog


circus artist and dog

On the way to Sudley Pike - oil - NFS

On the moors - acrylic - 30x41cm

Flying the kite - acrylic - 51x41cm

Twilight on the pond - 50x40cm

To eat or not to eat - 50x40cm

Still life with pears - 92x123cm

Snow and ice on the pond - 100x80cm

Shadowed peacock - 50x40cm

Life in a goldfish bowl - 50x40cm

Reflections on the pond - 84x62cm

2nd & 3rd prize at Reeth Show - 51x41cm

Old gang mine - oil - 92x123cm

Nest making - 50x40cm

Mist on the moors - acrylic - 30x41cm

Making a splash - 66x72cm

Loose goose in Reeth - 50x40cm

Looking out to sea - acrylic - 51x41 - NFS

Lily pads and pond fish - acrylic - 100x80cm

Lily pads - acrylic - 51x41cm

Round the lighthouse - 50x40cm

Lazy-afternoon on the river 30x41 - NFS

Kiri - oil - 90x90cm

Farm yard goose - 50x40cm

Enjoying the water - 50x40cm

Early snow - 50x40cm

Early morning rising - 84x62cm

Still life with flowers - acrylic

Carp - acrylic - 46x61cm - SOLD

Carp pond with autumn leaves - acrylic - 61x76 - SOLD

Carp rising - 40x50cm

carp in Norman’s pond - acrylic - 90x60cm

Bill Appleby - oil - 118x77cm

Avenue of trees - oil - 38x38cm

Autumn leaves on pond - 51x41cm - SOLD

oils and acrylics on canvas